Batman Villian Girls

Batman Villian Girls

Something simple I did a while back.



A personal project of mine from about two years ago. Colouring pencils on an Imperial sized sheet. Took me next to year to complete it.

Superhero “Control of Light”

Commission done for a friend, a superhero with the ability to control light. Done in SAI.

Funny Sketch of me


Just a funny sketch of me during College exams. Background noise I imagine is the Terminator theme. ­čśÇ

Halloween Poster


A poster done for for my Games Society in college, later printed. Done in Photoshop.

Changeling “Dark”


A present done for a friend, a character in a Rubber Sword LARP of his. Done in SAI

Superhero “Defender of Light


A commission of a superhero like character. Done in SAI.